Numu mattress assembly

*To be able to assemble the Numu® Mattress correctly, follow the instructions below.  *It is recommended to view the video once before starting the assembly. * Please allow 20-40 minutes for the assembly process

Frequently Asked Questions forAssembly:
1. I have two sets of 2 short insertion rods rather than two sets of one long insertion rod as per the instructions, is this ok?
Yes it is, we sometimes send the long insertion rods as a two parts shorter rods combo. You can use the two shorter rods as one long rod by inserting them both in the net, one after the other.
2. My bassinet is missing the centre beam parts
For the bassinet you don't need the centre beam parts, only the cot mattresses come with the centre beam assembly parts.
3. Can I use an electric screw driver to close the screws?
Yes you can, just make sure it's not set to a very high speed.
4. I seem to be missing some of the screws provided
Not a problem. If you let us know we can send you additional screws. If you are in a hurry, you can drop at any Bunnings and get 8g 25mm type screws and use them (Philips head or other, doesn't matter) (e.g.: )
5. The screw seems to be turning freely with no grip
While this shouldn't happen, it may be that when we/you assembled and disassembled the mattress the screw tunnel got worn off. To resolve this we need to use a longer screw (35-45mm long). You can ask us for such a screw so we can send you. If you are in a rush, you can get similar screws in any Bunnings store (they can be Philips heads) (e.g.
6. My Bssinet kit is missing the middle bar section, did you forget to send it?
Not really:) the bassinet mattress kit doesn't require the middle bar section, only the Cot mattress kit does. 
7. The central beam holders of step 7 came apart, how do I re-assemble them?
8. I completed the assembly and the net looks very wrong, did i get the wrong size? 
We dont usually send the wrong size net, if the net looks extremely wrong it might be that you have rotated the profiles the wrong way around during step 4 of the assembly, see this graphic for visual reference: