By Shiri, Doula

We all know that contractions are the first sign of labor, but other than having regular contractions there are couple of other signs you should be aware of as they may indicate to you that it is time to make your way to hospital/birth center or just get ready in case you are having your baby at home.

Other symptoms *if your water broke-it may happen in a big gush of water or as an ongoing dripping, usually contractions will soon follow.

*Bleeding- any bleeding during pregnancy should be always looked at, when you are towards the end of your pregnancy bleeding will usually indicate the start of labor.

*Contractions -when they come 4 minutes apart each contraction last for 1 minutes and you could measure this pace for 1 hour or is also an indication for you that you need to be at the place where you are having your baby.

Contractions can feel like period pain or as lower back pains that are getting stronger and stronger.

It is always a good idea to contact your hospital or care provider and let them know about any signs or symptoms that you have and they will advise what you should do next.

Certified birth Doula DONA(CD) and childbirth educator