Dear Dad to be

Dear Dad to be,

I hope you can spare a few minutes to read this letter, as I took the time to write it especially for you.

I'm the Doula who met with your partner few days ago, she was reaching out to me after hearing from few friends how valuable Doula support during labor was for them and what a great difference it made to their own journey.

She looked great (but seemed a little fearful), she told me how both of you are very happy and excited about this pregnancy but at the same time she mentioned that sometimes it gets a bit challenging for her.. With bright eyes your partner told me about you.

She said that you both make a perfect match for each other , that you are sharing great relationships, and mentioned how great, wonderful and supportive you are and how much you love and care for her . Then she added: much as I need his support during birth I really want to have a doula with me as well.

I feel that having an experienced supportive woman with me during this experience will definitely help me feel stronger empowered and relaxed. I would love to have some guidance and support throughout this journey . She came back to you to share her thoughts said NO!

You think it's a waste of money, that having a baby as it is cost a fortune. You reminded her that she has your support anyway so there is no need for someone else to take over your role as her birth partner.

I do understand your worries and concerns but please let me explain: Having a baby is a life changing experience for mum,partner and baby! My role as a Doula is nothing about taking over anyone's role, it's all about providing mum & partner with the knowledge, support guidance and advice that are much needed, and also be another pair of hands that provides comfort and another added soul that shines warming relaxing light to brighten up your your very special experience.

Every baby arriving to this world is a unique once of a lifetime experience for all of you , it's the feeling and memories from this special day that you will cherish forever.

Let me show you a different perspective :

You are probably aware that people spend days weeks and months getting ready for their wedding day, hiring the best of people, choosing the best food and drinks, making sure they'll have the perfect music right decorations and beautiful venue. Thay do all this just in order to make sure their special day(which comes down to around 4 hours in total) will be perfect! plus they put their money to it, a lot of money.

No one ever considers saving their money by giving up the event planner, the reason for it is that people know that even though it's their special day they have other things to worry about and can appreciate the help and value of a professional.

Birth is a very special day that you also have to be prepared for by all that means Don't save on your baby's birth day, it's not a waste of money it's a lifetime investment that will pay you back forever.

Yours sincerely Your Doula