Baby sweating at night - Our case study

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“Oh, she’s sweating again”, I told my husband, while picking up our 6-month old Noam from her bed next to ours.

Noam, who had just opened her eyes after a disrupted sleep that began on one side of the bed and ended in a reversed position on the other, looked funny with one side of her face dry and the other wet and sweaty. “Maybe”, I speculated, “baby sweating at night because she is constantly moving.”


“It is exactly the opposite”, said my husband, “don’t you see that she keeps moving because she is looking for a cool place in bed”.

“But we are in the same room, the air conditioner is set on 23 degrees, which is the recommended temperature, and we are not sweating in the very same room.”

“So she is a little sweaty, so what?” says husband.

“Really?!” say I, “and who jumps every second to calm her when she cries, you? And who stays with her at home when she has a cold in August?”

“What does a cold have to do with it?” he asks.

“It has to do with her waking up with the side of the head she sleeps on wet with perspiration in an airconditioned room. Then she gets a cold and becomes sick, and then it is even harder for her to sleep”.

“Strange”, he said, “when it is hot you get sweaty all over the body, so why only one side?”

“Because that’s the side she sleeps on, that’s why!”

“What does that have to do with anything? We are in the same room and we don’t get sweaty on the side we sleep on.”

“Ugh, you’re no help! I’ll call the Mother & Baby Center tomorrow and see what they have to say.”

When my husband returned from work the next day, he asked: “Well, did you call the Mother & Baby Center?

“Yes”, I said. “They were no help either”. Seeing his puzzled expression, I explained:  As usual, the same recommendations :

"Put her on her back and she will sweat less."

But, this is of no use because we do put her on her back and then she’ll toss and turn the way she wants.

“Maybe it has to do with the mattress?”

“No way! This is a breathing mattress. We did not buy the cheap stuff. Even the saleslady said so. I’ve had enough! I’m taking her to the doctor tomorrow.”

“Don’t you have enough of taking her to the doctor for every small thing?”

My glare put a stop to this conversation.

“Doctor, maybe she has a problem with her sweat glands?” I asked, while the doctor went through the routine check, like every time we came to see him.

“I don’t think so, or she would be sweating all over, and not like you said only on the side of the head, which is in contact with the bed or the pram”.

“Right. So?”

“So, it’s nothing. It is caused by the mattress”.

“But how can that be? We have a breathing mattress!” (I was really proud of myself saying that)

The doctor smiled. “Maybe I am not such a big mattress expert, but I am a daddy, and I do know about these things from my own experience with my children. Your breathing mattress… is it a sponge mattress?”


“Well, maybe the baby cot mattress is breathing but sweet Noam isn’t. Regardless of what the saleslady said all sponge mattresses must be solid according to the standard.

This is for two reasons:

one – so that the food the babies spit, and the urine doesn’t enter the sponge and generate fungus and mold and germs,

Second – so that the flame retardant materials within the sponge don’t seep into the baby’s environment. So even if there is a layer with some holes on the top of this so called ‘breathing’ cot mattress, it is still solid.”

“So what do we do?” I asked.

“Don’t worry” he reassured me with a smile, “it will be gone in the fall”.

“Seriously, Doc? No way there isn’t something we can do”.

“You know what, about a year ago, in a Pediatricians convention there was a booth presenting a special kind of net cot mattress. Why don’t you check it out? Call them and find out the details. It seems to me like the right thing”.

I started looking for it online, and pretty quick I found a net cot mattress called NUMU. When I called the company, they told me that even though the mattress was developed based on issues such as respiratory problems, overheating in the winter, allergies, etc., with time, and from parents’ feedback they understood that it had more advantages that were originally envisaged like the fact that this mattress does not contain any flame retardants and that it does not make babies sweat in the summer.

I am very happy to share this with you and express my gratitude for peaceful and dry nights. Please share this so all mothers know that there is a solution for baby sweating at night.

Good night!

Maayan, Noam’s mom

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