Why I Switched to a Breathable Baby Mattress

 As a first-time mum I was extremely neurotic – and I knew it at the time as well. But to be honest with you, I just didn’t care! I had suffered three miscarriages before bringing my rainbow baby Cassie into the world, and that brought with it a lot of anxiety.


As a nanny, babysitter and having worked at a parenting magazine, I was very familiar with the baby space and caring for newborns. But having my own newborn was different territory altogether. Suddenly all the decisions were mine (and Chris’) to make, and it felt scary to begin with (actually it still does at times).


I read up on everything sleep related and made my decisions before Cassie was even born. I knew I couldn’t have in our room – I was a light sleeper and I would stress over every breath. I also was nervous about putting her into her own room to start. I found a compromise – I went out and bought cot sensor pads that track your baby’s breathing. If she stopped or slowed, an alarm would ring to alert us.


Of course, we faced so many more decisions as time went on. First, Cassie started rolling, and I had to get her out of her swaddle (which she loved and relied on for sleep), so that she could use her hands to get her face up if she rolled during the night. Then, she decided she was a tummy sleeper, and the mum nerves kicked in again.


You will be glad to know, Cassie is now a four year old, healthy little girl and we made it through these years. In fact, we did it all over again with her sister Vivi, who is now two. And then we even went again and now have Elliot who is 12 months.


But there is one big difference to Elliot’s journey. When he was a couple of months old, we came across a breathable cot mattress and my parenting journey was changed forever – for the better.


I didn’t even need to get sold on the mattress, I was a convert straight away. As a mother of three, I had four years up my sleeve of worrying as I put my babies to bed and stressing about safe sleeping habits. This breathable mattress was a lifesaver, and let me tell you why I didn’t even hesitate to make the switch.


SIDS: sadly, there is no cure for SIDS, but there are ways we can help prevent it. I read up on this a lot when I was pregnant with Cassie. These include, laying your baby on their back to sleep, not having any other objects in there with them, don’t layer them too much to prevent overheating, take them out of their swaddle when they start rolling. This breathable mattress helps with all of that, even if your baby does rolls while swaddled, they can still breath. The perfect peace of mind.


Tummy sleepers: I know I am not the only mum to have tummy sleepers. But we are told from birth, not to let them, even though it can be so natural for a baby. The breathable mattress means if your baby does develop a preference for sleeping on their tummy, you don’t have to stress. They can still breath at all times.



There were some added bonuses that came with the mattress as well, which I didn’t discover until using it:


  • Elliot’s eczema: because the mattress is nice and breathable, the increased air flow has helped with Elliot’s eczema. We have had troubles since birth and were prescribed plenty of ointments to help out. Now, he is slowing growing out of it, and the mattress has helped immensely. I haven’t had to use the cream since we got it.
  • Toilet-training: while we aren’t at this stage yet with Elliot, my second daughter is almost ready to train through the night. This mattress makes it nice and easy. You simply please a wet sheet underneath, and if they happen to wee during the night, the liquid will soak straight through, leaving the mattress dry.
  • Sickness: Elliot has a horrible bout of gastro when he was 10 months old (we ended up in hospital for four nights). The mattress was a life saver. If he threw up on it, it was easy to wash off in the shower and dry everything ready to be used again, knowing it hadn’t seeped into a regular mattress too far to do anything about.


I honestly believe this mattress should be a staple in every household with a baby. Think about it, when car seats improved (significantly) over time to become more and more safe, we all made the switch. Why? Because we knew better!


This breathable cot mattress is the next step in safe sleeping, because now we know better. I couldn’t even consider going back to our old mattress now. I only have one regret… that I didn’t know about this when Cassie was born. It would have saved me hours of agonising over tough decisions and hours of worrying over my baby’s sleep.

Written by a Sydney mum of three