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Survival of house dust mites on mattresses by Lisron Ltd

Survival of house dust mites on mattresses by Lisron Ltd. - (Why HDM fear Numu...)

Numu was tested against none-net/mesh mattresses to test how house dust mites survive on the different mattress - long story short: on Numu, the HDM's dont survive...:)

The researchers conclusion was (where A +B were Numu's):

Very few mites could be collected from the surface of the white mattresses (A+B).
Under the microscope, it could be seen that the distance between the fibers allowed
the mites to enter the covering fabric. On the blue mattresses (C+D) mites were
apparently behaving normally (laying eggs, copulating and eating). Accordingly, the
blue mattresses could be used as controls for future testing of other mattresses

As is also displayed in the results table

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