Safer baby sleep, because we now know better

How many times have you heard your parents say: “when we were kids, we did….” over and over. Yes, children and babies have been around for thousands of years, and for most, things were fine back in the day but now we know better.

Now we know that the safest way to transport kids in a vehicle is in a fitted, safe, age appropriate car seat. Now we know that babies need to be sunsmart. Now we know much more on baby feeding and have so much more information on safer baby sleep.

The first safety car seats were introduced in the 60’s but only in the 70’s regulations was beginning to be implemented until finally in 1985, the first child passenger safety laws were passed.

Safer baby sleep

Would you let your child lay in the back seat unbuckled and take a nap if given a choice?

I highly doubt it – because we now know better.

Rules and regulations lay the basic safety guidelines for us parents to adhere to but there is so much more we can do, and it is our job to prioritise and decide how far we want to go to ensure our little one’s wellbeing.

Same goes for safe sleep. We can all chant the guidelines: place baby on his back, firm mattress, no loose objects in the cot, baby sleeping on tummy. But let me tell you what else we know:

We know that our babies sleep environment is not without its share of risks, amongst them: co2 build up between the mattress and the blanket that poses a suffocation risk; a long list of nasty bacteria, dust mites and chemicals within the mattress that our baby is exposed to; overheating as baby cant self regulate his body temperature; suffocation from not being able to breathe through the mattress and even suffocation from regurgitation of fluids. We didn’t know all this in the good old days, but now we know better.

The mattress is our babys companion in his sleep. In medieval times, mattresses where filled with straw.  Over the years, new fillings were invented: coil springs in the 1870s and inner foam in 1991.

You may find today a mattress filled with 100% organic wool but its basic design hasn’t really changed since that historic straw filled mattress. Technology today allows us to do something we couldn’t do before,

Enter the Numu mesh Mattress. It was designed because technology has changed and because now we know better.

Breathable mattress

Safety First

The Numu mesh mattress breathes, allows uninterrupted airflow, stops your child from overheating, has no chemicals, removes co2 and doesn’t allow house dust mites to enter….(we wrote about house dust mites here) It was built on safety and what we now know about babies and their sleep.

As parents, we are taught from day one to sleep our children on their backs, and that once they start rolling, take them out of sleeping bags so they have arms out.

Why? To avoid suffocation.

It is well-known that if a baby flips themselves over or is put to sleep on their tummy, at a young age they are unable to move their head to breathe.

With Numu-roo, they can breath through the mattress (at least until we come and roll them back), note our SIDS safe mattress blog for additional information on this.

We are also taught not to overdress our babies for sleep. Their little bodies aren’t great at regulating their temperature, which can cause them to overheat quickly.

With Numu-roo, they get plenty of airflow, taking away the fear and dangers of overheating, and apparently its awesome in our hot Australian summers.

Just like car seats, we now know better when it comes to babies and sleep. We know about the dangers, we know what to look out for, we know of SIDS risk factors. We now have created a mattress that does all this for your baby.

It’s the safer, smarter choice for our babies, and it just makes sense.

Now that we know all these risks and dangers when it comes to babies and sleep, the smartest thing is to invest into a safer sleep baby sleep space that best mitigates and reduces the risk. Options of cot mesh mattress as well as bassinet mesh mattress are available

But What About The Price?

Do you even question putting a couple of hundred dollars towards a safe car seat for your child that they will grow out of in a few years?

Of course not. Back in the day, those first ‘car seats’ wouldn’t have cost much at all, but they also didn’t do much at all when it came to your baby’s safety.

The Numu-roo costs more that’s true, but it does so much more than other regular mattresses do, just look at some of the main comparison features between a Numu and regular mattresses.

It will also last longer allowing you to use the Numu from one child to another and so on, something that is not recommended doing with any other mattress,

We are passionate about the mattress, because we know just how great it is for our babies. It’s an investment in safety and in quality, and most importantly, an investment in your child.