The importance of the Nettress in preventing dust mite exposure

The importance and efficacy of the Nettress, sleeping surface in preventing dust mite exposure

Why the Numu (AKA Nettress) is awesome for allergy or Asthma, that is the summarised version of what the experts say :

  • HDM (House Dust Mites) is the most important allergen that causes allergic disease and asthma.
  • Prevention of exposure to dust mites has a major role in primary and secondary prevention of allergic diseases.
  • Prevention is most important in infancy and childhood, at which time the allergic diseases begin to peak and preventative measures have the most significant affect.
  • HDM removal from mattresses is a significant problem.
  • The new, netted, sleep surface, Nettress, is built in such a way as to prevent completely survival and reproduction of HDM on it. This observation was proven in a controlled laboratory study.
  • Use of the new sleeping surface can most probably inhibit exposure of infants to HDMs in the immediate sleep environment, prevent the development of sensitization to HDM and prevent morbidity from allergic diseases.

Wanna read the full research? - link