How to clean cot / bassinet mattress in 30 seconds

baby cot mattress that is easy to clean

With Numu mattress it is as easy as it sounds to clean the cot or bassinet mattress, it will take upto 30 seconds and both you and the little one will be able to go back to sleep.

Imagine the following scenario - its potty training time, baby is diaper-less and its 02:00am - you and hubby are both (thankfully) asleep and baby just had an accident. With Numu it will take 30 seconds to get the mattress back in shape for baby to go back to sleep, an minimal interruption to our sleep...

The alternative is a long process that will probably only take place during the next day and will most probably require baby change his sleeping surface till the morning - no fun. If you insist, our good friends at stay-at-home-mum have provided a useful guide for how to clean your (regular, non-Numu) baby mattress - link

So if you want to be able to clean your baby mattress in 30 seconds (even at 02:00am) - Numu is the way to go

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