Asthma friendly mattress

Infant asthma can be one of the scariest diseases to witness.One in ten Australian children under the age of fourteen develop Asthma. Asthmacan run in families so if you or your partner have suffered from asthma, being aware and protecting your baby is important.

Recently my sister’s baby started wheezing at night. She wasn’t having trouble breathing, but the sound of her breathing was audible. It was enough to prompt me into doing extra research on the cause of asthma and finding the best setup for her bedroom environment.

Asthma can be difficult to manage and can have similar triggers to eczema and hayfever (allergic rhinitis). As with a lot of diseases that have an allergic component, asthma can be triggered by airborne or environmental factors. Somecommon triggers of asthma are:

Ensuring your baby’s environment is free from the above environmental triggers can help to manage and control asthma.  Coughing and wheezing from asthma can also be worse at different times during the day and in different weather. Cool weather,night and early morning are common trigger times for an asthma attack. 

Your baby will be spending 10-15+ hours sleeping in their bedroom every day. They will also be there at the times when asthma is most common. Thorough cleaning and selecting the right materials and bedding can dramatically reduce the amount of dust, dust mites and other airborne environmental allergens. 

Have you ever hit a mattress and seen the plume of dust that appears after impact? 

Mattresses can be like sponges for allergens.  Mattresses are often porous and made of foam, collecting dust and pollen and providing the perfect surface for dust mites to breed. Theorganic cotandbasinet mattresses at Numu-roo are 100% breathable and made of mesh. They don’t catch or collect dust or pollen meaning that dust mites cannot breed on the mattress surface - the mites and their eggs simply fall through the gaps in the mattress. 

This means that your bub isn’t breathing in mouthfuls of dust or dust mites with every breath. 

The mattress allows clear air flow under the bed, and through the mattress. No dust can get caught or trapped and when the bed needs washing, wiping it down with a damp cloth does the job. It also comes with a fitted mattress protector, made from 100% cotton.  Both of these products are 100% breathable, preventing your bub from overheating and reducing the common allergens that can contribute to asthma.

The Numu-roo breathable cot mattress is aSensitive Choice Partner, meeting strict standards set by theNational Asthma Council of Australia

To help with my peace of mind, I also bought my sister a Snuza smart baby monitor. The monitor clips on to her baby’s nappy when she sleeps, and allows her to monitor her breathing and movement from her phone. As her bub gets older, it can be used to track the sleeping pattern and quality, helping to identify the best conditions and environment for sleep. 

With the monitor and mattress we can put our bedroom-worries aside and get a good night’s sleep ourselves!