An inside look into a baby innerspring mattress

We keep saying Numu is the best mattress as it is the most breathable mattress on the market, we can say that because of its unique and innovative design that has no internal volume or fill.

Why is that important you might ask, we went the extra mile to show you why.

We took a second hand innerspring baby mattress and got a glimpse into its inside, what is in an innerspring mattress? how many layers? what grows within its closed ecosystem? what does baby sleep on?


The innerspring mattress (which ever brand you choose) is designed with layers upon layers of fabric and springs that provide a breading ground for mould, ample space for dust mite colonies, and great storage for those liquids and semi liquids baby tends to produce. Because of all these internal layers they are also using chemicals to provide as fire retardants. And this echo-system sleeping environment is where baby sleeps on... 

The Numu on the other hand, has no internal volume where mould can grow, dust mites cant colonise, and liquids don't get trapped (they seep through). Chemicals are not required and therefore not being used. The Numu internal volume has nothing but... air, free flowing and circulating air.

With innerspring mattress, there is no way of knowing what is inside and how clean the mattress within, with Numu - there are no hidden surprises, if it looks clean, it is clean.

See the video:

 Numu is the safer baby mattress option, see our SIDS blog post and our tummy sleep blog